Core Sports Management have today announced the acquisition of ISA Sports Management, a full-service management and professional services company in athlete representation.

The acquisition is highly complementary, increases the size of our business and accelerates our ambition to become a global leader in the sports industry. We have been operating in a rapidly developing market and we see the takeover as an important step towards winning on the international stage. Both companies have worked alongside each other on projects and with client requirements whenever there was an overlap, and this seemed the next logical step to support the market and our growing client base.

As a highly credible bespoke sports agency, we are delighted to add another high-profile portfolio of clients, staff and array of contacts, who will join the new enlarged group which significantly raises the benefits to our clients.

This is as acquisition of one of the most significant global sports agencies in the industry. Moving forward, we will strengthen our offering to our clients with an unmatched combination of strategic and operational resources that include extensive recruitment experience and key relationships within the football world.

“The whole team is hugely excited about this acquisition. Excitingly, this is just the start for Core Sports. We’re determined to grow further in the sports and entertainment industry and cement our place as the UK’s leading management and representation agency. We also recognise that all of our clients will benefit from this acquisition” said Jamie Strong, Managing Director.

Phil Ridgwell, Co-Founder of Core Sports said “We are delighted with the takeover, our combined roster creates a depth and breadth of clients which puts us at the forefront of the talent recruitment industry. We are committed to investing the necessary resources to ensure we continue to deliver a first-class service for our clients benefit and very much look forward to working together as a whole team. The acquisition enables us to demonstrate the depth of our group which is driven by innovation and to service our clients’ best interests’.

The significance of this acquisition is not only to integrate each other’s interests in sports, but also to truly expand and strengthen Core Sports Management in the industry, whilst at the same time grasping the rapidly growing opportunities in the sports market.

The new structure will provide continuity and stability, a much-enhanced service offering and strengthened resources in client development and delivery.

We are looking forward to working with our existing clients, engaging with new projects, growing the brand and providing enhanced services throughout the wider sports remit.

The acquisition provides us with the opportunity to offer more to our clients, work more effectively within the market, providing stronger services to all and supporting an industry that is so delightful to work in whilst providing a unique opportunity to develop an agency that responds to the needs of athletes.