In the Human Performance Laboratory we tested the function and performance of a wide range of human physiological, biomechanical and psychological parameters.
For our clients. This state-of-the art teaching and research facility contains an extensive range of biomechanical and physiological equipment.

We used ProReflex cameras which provide three-dimensional motion capture of a variety of activities for bio-mechanical work, AMTI force plates built into the HPL floor to provide ground reaction forces
A Fitness Technology Ballistic Measurement System with an integrated one-direction force plate and displacement transducer to test various aspects of weight lifting and power, isokinetic dynamometers, for rehabilitation, strength testing and injury diagnostics
Brower Timing Gate Systems which are regularly used on a 30 metre running track to test speed and agility.
A Wattbike to provide various measurements within cycling such as, power and left and right leg power contributions.
Portable and static online gas analysis systems for breath-by-breath cardiopulmonary exercise testing, including VO2 max tests
Wingate cycle ergometers to test anaerobic capacity and power
A Lode Cycle Ergometer to provide isokinetic testing conditions within cycling
An Analox G37 Multi-Assay Blood Analyser to study blood lactate concentration.

We also have a range of other testing equipment including Polar heart monitors, blood pressure monitors, hand grip dynamometers and a range of body composition equipment including Harpenden skinfold callipers, bio-electrical impedance analysers and a Bodymetrix system which incorporates ultrasound technology.