Glenn Morris signed a new deal at Crawley Town Football Club this week – extending his stay with the League Two outfit until the end of the 2020/21 season.

Core Sports sat down with Glenn to find out more:

How does it feel to commit your future to Crawley for another couple of years?

It’s obviously excellent news for me personally. I’m extremely happy at Crawley so it wasn’t a tough decision when I knew there was a possibility of a new deal. I can now concentrate on my football and getting Crawley up the football league table!

The club seems to be going in the right direction – it must be an exciting time to be involved with Crawley?

Yes very much so, we’ve changed a lot of things behind the scenes, like moving to brand new facilities at Horsham for training for example. The club are looking to improve on and off the field and with one of if not the best squads I’ve been involved with, then who knows the potential of the club!

Some people have said you’re playing some of the best football of your career – is that a fair assessment?

Yes I’d say so. I guess with goalkeeping you come in to your prime later on and with me that is definitely the case. I think you just have the experience of knowing where to be at the right time to make a save. Or to deal with situations that maybe when you’re younger you just don’t get quite right. It’s hard to explain but as long as I’m playing well and enjoying my football then I’ll keep playing!

How do you see League Two panning out this season?

It’s hard to predict anything in League 2, anyone can beat anyone on their day. I think you’ve got teams that should be up the top end of the table come May like Swindon, Plymouth, Bradford but you can’t really tell this early on. Exeter are the team at the top at the minute and are flying….along with Crewe who are playing some good football. So who knows!

What are your personal aims and goals for the season?

For me personally, I want to play as many games as I can this season, stay injury free and get Crawley at the top end of the table. But our 1st goal as a club is always to get to 50 points and safety and then see where we go from there.