Chelmsford City striker Rhys Murphy has scored 19 goals in all competitions and has been pivotal in the promotion chase for the Clarets this season.

Murphy, 28 took the step down at the start of the season after a frustrating past year ending at Gillingham where injuries prevented him having an impact for the League One outfit.

The forward man born in West Sussex is adamant that he wants to get another chance to play his football in the Football League.

Murphy is not short of experience higher up the pyramid and took the chance to go to Chelmsford to get back playing on the pitch.

“The aim for me is to get back into the league, whether that is now, at the end of the season or in a years’ time, it is the aim,” Rhys Murphy said. “Going abroad would definitely be something that I would be interested in and have been in the past but for one reason or another, nothing came of it. “Chelmsford gave me that opportunity to come and play and I am very grateful for that.”

“They were keen to sign me which was important, you want to be signing somewhere, where you are going to feel wanted and not just there to make the numbers up, it was a big factor,” he added.

Playing part-time can take some getting used to and it is the process that Murphy had to go through after going from Gillingham to Chelmsford City last summer. The non-league side do try to operate as best as they can though given the circumstances that they are faced with.

“You have to give credit to Chelmsford, despite not training on a full-time basis, they do try to be professional,” Murphy said. “We have video analysis and GPS for when we train and for games, so although we might not do things together as much, they do still try and be as professional as they can.”

The forward man’s goal scoring tally this season certainly reflects the league position but Murphy also believes that the players are not the only ones changing games.

“The fans have been brilliant with me, the support I have had off them is immense, they put a lot of time and effort into going to the away games too and we are really thankful,” he said. “The supporters never change whatever club you are at, they are always going to be in support of you and they want to see good football so hopefully we can keep that going,” Murphy added.